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NIPPI History

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  • Japan Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., former company established to manufacture seaplanes for the Japanese Navy.
  • Ryouichi Kato, the late vice-admiral was the 1st President.


  • Manufacturing license for French and light aircraft "Pou de Ciel" purchased, and the model manufactured under the name of "NH-1 Hibari (Skylark in Japanese)". (Total 25 till 1937)


  • Supermarine "Southampton" flying boat that the Japanese Navy sold to Japan Air Transport Research Institute, the first private sector airline in Japan, modified into the commercial aircraft, which used to fly over the Kansai region as "Kirin (Asian unicorn in Japanese) Go".
  • Teikichi Hori, the late vice-admiral was the 2nd President.
  • Notes: Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the best friend of President Hori and frequently visited the company. For that reason, Fleet Admiral Yamamoto presented NIPPI with the propeller on which he wrote his saying with Oriental calligraphy.


  • 12-shi (1937 Experimental) Basic Trainer Seaplane manufactured on an experimental basis as ordered by the Japanese Navy, and excellent flight test data acquired as the first developed aircraft in company, but it did not resulted in official order.


  • 13-shi (1938 Experimental) Amphibious Plane started to be developed as the 2nd developed aircraft in company and also the 1st amphibious plane in Japan. Experimenter completed on February, 1942.